Before OxyFloats, it had been almost 8 years since getting in a pool. OxyFloats got me back into the water. If you want to have your tank close, so it's not on the side of the pool, this is it. I'm enjoying the experience!   Terry from Washington


As soon as I discovered OxyFloats, I … petitioned the YMCA Cape Cod for reasonable accommodations. I now use and highly recommend OxyFloats. It has allowed me to safely return to my happy place!  Dorothy from Massachusetts


I am happy to get in the water again!  Donna from South Carolina


“It is great being able to get back in the pool. I like it! Now I am able to help my granddaughter with her swimming!  Gloria from Florida


“In the water, I can do what is impossible for me to do on land. I feel so much better!”  Sheryl from Florida


“I would sum up my experience with OxyFloats in one word:  Freedom!”  Janetta from California 


“My family is so grateful for OxyFloats.  Because I feel better I am enjoying more family activities.”  Jill from Arizona


“I am an active person who needs oxygen during my activities.  Thanks to OxyFloats I am able to exercise in the pool.”  Mel from New York  


“Because of my breathing challenges I had isolated myself.  But thanks to OxyFloats I am getting out more and I feel better about myself.”  Carl from Texas   



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