Q: I'd love to talk with one of your team. How can I reach you?
A: Call us … (315) 965-2782 or Email us … oxyfloats@gmail.com

Q: What does the OxyFloats weigh?
A: You don't have to be a superhero to handle an OxyFloats. It weighs less than a pound.

Q: What size of small portable oxygen tank will OxyFloats hold?
A: Both tall and short portable tanks will fit. One at at time though. Here's a list of the sizes that fit best:  M4 (A), ML-6, M6 (B), M7, or M9 (C).
The size we use in our photos and videos is M6, otherwise known as B.
You can request any size from your oxygen supplier.

Q: How does the portable oxygen tank attach to OxyFloats?
A: We've made it easy for you. Three straps and three buckles securely hold your tank in place. Please watch the video in the "OxyFloats in Action" tab on this website. Also see the instructions included with your OxyFloats.

Q: Is it okay for my tank to get wet?
A: Yes it is okay for your tank to get wet. Splash away!

Q: What kind of regulator do I use in the water?
A: Use a continuous-flow regulator. Since continuous-flow regulators have no electronic parts, they perform better in the water. "Pulse" regulators have electronics that may cause them to NOT perform well in the water. Ask your oxygen supplier for a continuous-flow regulator. 

Q: Do I need a waist strap to keep my OxyFloats close to me in the water?
A: The OxyFloats naturally stays close as you move through the water, depending on the length of your cannula tubing. Its patented design allows it to float along with you without any pulling or dragging. If you find yourself in the shallow end with a bunch of happy people making waves, you may want to shorten your cannula tubing to keep your OxyFloats even closer.

Q: How long can I stay in the water with my OxyFloats?
A: The length of time you can stay in the water depends on the size and fill level of your portable oxygen tank. 

Q: What are the materials that make up an OxyFloats?
A: The main blue board is dense, lightweight foam that will float a full oxygen tank. The white tubes are open-celled foam designed to hold the tank snug in place and assist with keeping it afloat without adding any weight. The clips are heavy-duty plastic. The straps are made of seat-belt webbing.

Q: How long will my OxyFloats last?
A: The materials are extremely durable but normal wear will happen with regular use.

Q: What happens if the cannula gets pulled out of my nose while I'm in the water?
A: Stay calm and replace the cannula. Just as you would if it came loose or was pulled out when you are at home.

Q: What sorts of activities can I do with my OxyFloats in a pool?
A: Great question! OxyFloats has been tested for use in a swimming pool and works best at a depth no higher than chest-high. Aqua-therapy, water-walking and light recreation are exactly the activities that OxyFloats is designed for. OxyFloats is NOT approved for swimming or deep-end activities like those found at a water park or open body of water.