About Us

In February 2000, my life changed forever. A chemical accident caused massive damage to my lungs that progressively worsened until December of 2012 when I became dependent on supplemental oxygen.

Things I took for granted became difficult like grocery shopping while carrying around an oxygen tank. Weather extremes and strong smells incapacitated me. I could only walk a few feet without stopping for breath. Exercise seemed out of reach. One of my favorites was swimming. The only way to be in a pool was to put my oxygen tank on the side, attached to it by the cannula tube which created a trip hazard. Plus I was tied to the side of the pool the entire time.

Then I had an idea. I pictured my tank, floating along with me in the pool. Freely floating while I'm freely using the entire pool. How could I make this happen? With ingenuity, creativity and persistence I brought together the materials and the people to create OxyFloats. Now anyone using supplemental oxygen can freely move in a pool, enjoying themselves for as long as they like. Recreation, exercise and fun with your friends and family is possible. Anyone can float freely and feel better!

Madison Meadows



My name is Stephen Erickson and I have a pet cat named Sugar. My superpower is my excellent memory. Or how fast I eat. I don't remember. What I do remember is how fun it was to get a patent and trademark for OxyFloats! Working with a completely unique product that will transform so many lives is something I never expected to do when I was earning my two masters degrees. Something else I never expected to do was act in a movie, but I had the pleasure of playing several parts in the SyFy channel movie "Bigfoot". Now that OxyFloats is here, instead of just being a forgetful actor who eats fast and owns a cat, I look forward to helping people feel great again! Movin' and groovin'!


Hi there! My name is Sherri Erickson. I'm married to the Bigfoot star above and friends with our fellow inventor Madison. After 22 years working in the commercial printing industry, I put away my Pantone book so I could spend more time with my grandkids. When Madison came to us with her idea for easily bringing her oxygen tank into a pool, I was thrilled to be a part of something new. Did you know that when you call the U.S. Patent office, an actual person answers the phone? Wow! The biggest deal is helping people get connected with their community and enjoy the freedom of the water.


OUR MISSION:  We provide technology that empowers people to have hope and improves their quality of life. 

OUR VISION:  We inspire oxygen-dependent people to have freedom in the aquatic world.


Our lightweight patented design means NO pull on the cannula and a snug fit on the tank so you can move freely in a pool, having fun with your friends and family for as long as you like!


Call us … (315) 965-2782

Email us … oxyfloats@gmail.com