What makes OxyFloats ® a unique accommodation?

January 14, 2018 Sharon Erickson

What makes OxyFloats® a unique accommodation?  OxyFloats® allows a person the opportunity for continues movement (exercise), because of the venue.  Only the pool or water provides the environment for longer continuous movement for a person struggling with breathing challenges.  A person dependent upon oxygen can not stay in motion on land, a treadmill or even a bicycle for very long without stopping to rest.  Our friend and co-owner Madison provided us with the perfect illustration of this fact.  To get into the pool she had to walk from her car to the facility doors, where she stopped to rest.  From the front door she walked into the locker room to change where she had to rest.  She then walked into the pool area where she had to rest.  Then came the miracle.  When she got into the pool she was able to walk continuously without resting for almost an hour.  Wow!  That is a unique accommodation!  

This is why we are excited!