Overcoming: Madison's Story

May 05, 2017 Sharon Erickson

In 2000 Madison was busy raising her two children when she was affected by a neighboring industrial accident. Over the next 10 years she developed severe difficulties breathing which resulted in her doctor prescribing oxygen.

Many people who end up using oxygen simply give up, stay at home, watch a lot of television and live on their computers. Not Madison. She had always enjoyed being in the pool, riding her bike living an active life. When summer rolled around she decided she wanted to continue her active life in the pool. She called around to different facilities and discovered that the best they could do for her if at all was to have her bring her tank and place it on the edge of the pool using a long cannula. The problem with this was it limited her mobility and most facilities would not allow for this because the tank and cannula was a trip hazard.

Most people would have given up at this point, but not Madison. Just as she didn’t choose to sit at home, so too she chose to come up with a solution to this new barrier. She came up with the idea which would allow her to float her portable oxygen tank next to her in the pool. She took her basic idea to a couple of her friends who agreed that she was onto something great. A potential accommodation for many.

In addition to this being a unique accommodation, it also came with an astounding revelation: Madison could walk for 45 minutes in a swimming pool, whereas she had to stop to catch her breath after walking 20 feet on land.

In December of 2016 OxyFloats was Patented. Now it is Madison’s joy to be able to share her inspirational story of overcoming and her invention that will offer freedom to so many people who struggle with lung challenges.